How to launch bottles without internet connection

Bottles don’t run when there is no internet connection.
I read a post about using FORCE_OFFLINE=1 but I don’t know where to plug that argument to make bottles work offline.

Hi. Welcome to the forum.
You can use Flatseal to put it under environment section. There should be already 2 of them there and you can add your own including this one.

Thanks. It’s my 3rd day on Linux. I literally started using Linux 3 days ago when I got my steam deck so I am new to flatseal… but I will look it up.
Thanks, once again.

Unfortunately, the bottles app still doesn’t start up without internet despite the FORCE_OFFLINE=1 argument line. What am I missing?

Did you launch Bottles and create a bottle with internet connection at least once?

Yes. But I don’t have that problem anymore.
I decided I was going to remove and reinstall bottles but when I got on the discover store, it did not even show bottles as an already installed app. So, I just clicked on install and everything worked right away.
All my bottle apps were still intact and they all worked offline!

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