How to install two disk game via bottles

I have created bottle and run installation of old game on cd (iso mounted). Installation runs until asks to insert second disk. I can not continue installation from this point. I tried to run autorun.exe from second cd in bottle, I have tried to mount second cd on mount point of the first cd but it does not continue after pressing OK on popup which asks for second disk. Thanks!

Hi. Try to mount all the disks, and then change the path to the disk in winecfg:


I have the same issue, and I tried the above suggestion to no avail. In my case, it is AvP 2. I can get the first disc to install with no issue, but the second is not recognized. I know the bottle can get to it, because I can navigate to either disc via the “in-bottle” command line. There has got to be a way… all suggestions greatly appreciated!