How to install Steam

Bottles version: 2022.7.28-brescia-2

On a clean Manjaro installation I have a clean Bottles installation and a clean Steam installation using the Gaming bottle type.

Steam does not render the interface so it is not usable. I have disabled all rendering options in the settings. Every page is just a black background, store, library etc.

Also steam pop-up windows run invisible and in the background blocking any interface action forcing a kill on the bottle and a restart.

Up to this point ‘gaming’ using Bottles is 100% non-functional so I’m hoping I missed some dependency somewhere or something.

As suggested in the Arch wiki I use -no-cef-sandbox as an argument on the steam program but it makes no difference.

Also the steam icon in the task tray does not do anything and if used the steam application freezes and I need to kill it again.

Also Big Picture mode crashes steam.

In the Installers menu I found ‘Steam’ and I did the installation but it makes no difference.

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