How to install and play Need for Speed Underground 2?

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what distribution kit nfsu2 with what files is necessary?
what "runners" can be run with?
what “set” of additional library files is needed?
what settings should be enabled in “options” for which runner?

on caffe 7.7 “it was possible to install” to the end someone’s “home-made” distribution kit “The Drift King”, where “everything” is in one setup.exe file with a size of 2.6 GB
BUT the game itself does not want to start, it says “there is a serious error in the SPEED2.EXE program”
installing EA games launcher components - no results
in the “bottles” terminal it wrote that I didn’t like it with DXVK

debian 11.3.0
kernel 5.10.0-14-amd64
cpu i3-10105 with integrated graphics Intel UHD 630
nvidia gtx 650ti (1gb)
16 ram
with standard nouveau drivers - does not start even if installed from the 1st disk from the setup.exe file (2.6 GB)
the “scientific poke” method did not give results in a couple of hours

upd: BUT something seems to have changed after installing drivers from version 460 repositories

does anyone have any experience on this issue?

p.s. for developers (for forum admin)
with a 2-disk installer (but with all the files copied from 2 disks into one folder and “showing” the setup.exe file for bottles ), after installing the 1st disk, it still asks for the 2nd disk, although the setup file .W02 (576 MB) is located right next to it (it was specially copied nearby).
when “Run executable” from bottles , when showing setup.exe (730mb), bottles only copies this setup.exe (730mb) file to home/myname/.var/app/com.usebottles.bottles/data /bottles/bottles/nfsu2/dosdevices/z:/run/user/1000/doc/163fd58e/

and then, during the middle of the installation, it asks for the second disk, and shows the path about it:
and one could even manually copy the rest of the files from the 2nd disk to:
BUT on the second disk there is still a folder “NotInc”, but the folder cannot be copied - there are not enough rights.
please solve this moment, or where to write it in a bug report, so that they decide

now I’m running it on “virtualbox” - everything works without brakes, but I would like it through “wine”

I know that simple not-moded version works, though the noCD patch is needed.

Caffe worked just fine for me.

Default gaming environment is everything you should need.

It wasn’t necessary to tweak anything in options.

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Do you have proprietary video card drivers? which?

2 CD or 1 DVD?

No. (AMD graphics)


will probably need to extract both disks and then re-write ( i think ) its an inf file that says to look for disk 2, but i have no idea if that will work or not … was going to attempt it with one of my star trek 2 cd’s games when i get a chance…

I tried to extract 2 disks to a folder, and show the folder. sees only the setup.exe file from disk 1, and then requests disk 2 (do not see files on disk 2)

on disk 1 there will be a file that points to disk 2… but to find it you will need to open inf files in text mode to read the instructions set …

when you find that file you will have to modify it to show where disk 2 starts … but i cant help you more than that…

i never said it would be simple

from cd1


from cd2