How do you use installers on the Flatpak?

Hi, I tried taking advantage of the “Installers” section on my Bottles install to use, but when I run the finished shortcut, nothing happens!

I checked the documentation and I noticed this line:

Each installer configures the executable in your system (at the moment it does not happen if you are using Flatpak), allowing you to access it at any time from the applications menu of your Desktop Environment

Does that mean this feature does not work on the Flatpak version, and if so why even include it? OR does that mean I can go ahead and run the installer manually on this specific Bottle? What is the shortcut even pointing to? I checked the file directory and there is no Blizzard/ folder under drive_c/Program Files / Program Files (x86).

Battle net may be bugged for some time due to it being updated by Blizzard.
battle net · Issue #281 · bottlesdevs/programs · GitHub

Oh that is horribly outdated info. I was planning to help rewrite the documentation once the Bottles Next drops, but maybe it needs updating sooner.

It absolutely should work on Flatpak. Flatpak is the only version of Bottles at the moment.

You can manually run anything that you want (and Wine allows to run).

After installation shortcut should point to the exe in bottle’s drive_c folder. But it may get bugged and point to nothing.

I did try installing Battle net manually on the bottle and it does open but then I get 3 separate “Wine has encountered a serious error” windows. I can’t log in but I can choose “continue as guest”, but then all windows from that point on are completely blank. I will either need to experiment or wait for an update