How do you run an app?

Installed an App. I click on the “Run Executable” button and it wants to open my installation file (.exe).

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If it wasn’t automatically detected and placed into “Programs” list and tab then you need to find the installed .exe manually every time or add it as custom path in “programs” tab.

Also if it isn’t a secret it would be nice to know which app was it so it could be then researched why it wasn’t detected.

The app is S3 Browser. It installs fine, but when I hit the “Run Executable” button it opens up the folder that contains my Windows S3Browser_install.exe file that I used to install S3 into Bottles, but it does not run S3 Browser that I installed. I tried running the installer again but it complains that S3 Browser is already installed.

p.s. I installed Notepad++ and it does the same thing, the “Run Executable” button just takes me to the folder on my host system where my Notepad++ install .exe is located. Note that it takes me to my HOST file system, not the virtual Windows file system. I don’t know where the installed app lives. Are you saying I need to browse my host file system to find the app that was just installed in order to run it?

After poking around I finally get it that the “Run Executable” button is meant to install another app into the bottle, not run the app I just installed. I suggest you change the title of the “Run Executable” button to “Install New App” and move it to a menu or something less front and center.

Yeah, you need to select something different than the installer.

I know for a fact that Notepad++ is automatically detected and placed in programs list. You don’t need to use “run executable” button after installing N++.

Yeah. I recommend using the “Browse C:” in utilities to find the location and making a shortcut in your file browser.

I suggest not. It is still correctly labeled because you use it to run the executable programs.

I’m also voting no for that.