How do I disable GPU acceleration use by bottles UI?

I started the bottles UI with my GPU temperature at 35C, and I let it sit without doing anything. Within a few minutes, my GPU temp had climbed to 40C and triggered my fan curve settings. I closed bottles, and my GPU temp slowly started descending. Apparently bottles itself is very GPU hungry, and I don’t understand the need for that.

How can I disable the use of GPU acceleration by just the UI? It’s not obvious from the “Preferences.” I can happily directly edit a config file as well.

nvtop confirms. I’ve attached a before-and-after that shows how bottles starts hammering the GPU. The first screen shot shows the GPU load before I start bottles, and what happens after I launch it. gnome-shell instantly spins up to 6-7% when bottles is running, and it all drops back to zero when I close it.

Personally never noticed that, but it sounds like it would be good to ask for this on Bottles GitHub. Maybe disabling the acceleration can get added or someone would share a variable that could be used in Flatseal.

I’ve discovered that I only need the bottles UI to manage the bottles themselves, and don’t need it to actually launch the applications installed within. I can do that from the command line, so I at least have a workaround to having the bottles UI sitting unused and spinning the GPU when I’m only using the Windows programs.

I mean, you could do that. But Bottles whole point is to give you GUI for Wine. The only reason to use CLI Bottles instead of Wine would be flatpak sandboxing.

You can also close Bottles window after launching a game/program.