HCL Notes win app in Linux

Hi, I’d like to run HCL Notes 12. How do I determine which dependencies I need to resolve? Older versions are listed at WineHQ, but not a recent one. I’d like to contribute a recipe to get it going. There also seems to exist something called Domino4Wine but that has not seen activity in years

Hello, welcome to Bottles forum.

Launching from terminal, Trial and error, researching on the internet.
Ain’t easy task.

It is an Eclipse RCP based application, and almost installs. Looks like all or most of the files are there, then it starts doing Eclipse plugin stuff, using a JVM in the installed dir. So it’ll certainly be a challenge. Lovely!

Do you have any pointers to articles / write ups / etc of wine debugging?

Unfortunately no. I myself just research random stuff other people posted on the internet (for example on WineHQ database) and then trial and error the dependencies manually.
You can also try making an issue in bottlesdevs/programs, but it’s still rare to find someone having solution.
If you’re extremely determined then’s there’s always WineHQ Wiki to follow.

Determination I will need. Searching the wineHQ wiki I get one (1) hit for Eclipse, in a post about a repo from a contributor that was rescued… But that reads like it’s about the use of Eclipse, not getting an Eclipse based Windows app to run…