Having trouble running Renegade X on Bottles

I am trying to play the game Renegade X using Bottles, but I have run into issues and would appreciate it if you could help me to get this game working.

I’ve been trying to get Renegade X working on Linux for quite a while. At first, I tried using Lutris to install Renegade X, as well as another Windows game (PokeOne). Both games installed without a problem but would not run after being installed. The Totem Arts Launcher (used to launch Renegade X) runs on Lutris, but if I attempt to launch the actual game from the launcher, nothing happens for a while and then I am returned to the launcher screen. PokeOne, on the other hand, wouldn’t run at all with Lutris - it kept closing a few seconds after I ran it.

Following my unsuccessful attempts to get these games working on Lutris, I switched to Bottles. In Bottles, both games once again installed without a problem, but both of them would not run at all with the default runner (Soda). I also tried the Wine GE runner, which didn’t work either. Eventually, I tried using the Caffe runner, which worked for some reason. PokeOne works with the Caffe runner and doesn’t run into any issues, but with Renegade X I once again run into the issue where the actual game does not start and instead returns me back to the launcher screen.

Any help to get Renegade X working would be appreciated. I want to keep using Bottles since I’ve had more positive results with this program than with Lutris.

System info:
Distro: Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon
Linux kernel: 6.1.0-1027-oem
CPU: 12th Gen Intel© Core™ i7-12700H × 14
GPUs: Intel Alder Lake (integrated graphics) and NVIDIA RTX 3060 (discrete graphics)
Bottles version installed: Flatpak 51.10