Guide: custom cover arts in library view


I don’t know when we will get official support for setting custom cover arts in library view so I decided to make a guide to document how library works in case anybody wants to spice it up.

I chose the 7-zip for example because it generally works hassle free and it doesn’t have a cover art.

Installing 7-zip
  1. Create a new software bottle named 7-zip
  2. In “Details & Utilities” tab click 3 dots at the top and choose “Browse files…”
  3. Copy 7-zip installer into the opened window.
  4. Run the installer using “Run executable…” and navigating to the installer
making custom cover art

Here’s mine take on it, remember to save it or copy it using original resolution:

Any image editor will work, I will use Pinta for simplicity sake.

  1. Open Pinta
  2. Choose create new (or shortcut CTRL+N)
  3. Enter 600px width and 900px height
  4. Paste a cover art from the internet or paint your own.
  5. Save it as 7-zip_coverart.png (any name will work, but this makes it clear what it is)
Setting custom cover art in library view
  1. Open your 7-zip bottle
  2. Click 3 dots button on 7zFM entry in programs list
  3. Choose “Add to my library”
  4. In “Details & Utilities” tab click 3 dots at the top and choose “Browse files…”
  5. Go one folder above the opened “drive_c” to folder with your bottle name
  6. Make a new folder called “grids”
  7. Paste the created .png file into it.
  8. Go to bottles main folder (it should be 3 folders above “drive_c” folder) and open library.yml
  9. Locate 7-zip entry
  10. Replace “null” with “grid:7-zip_coverart.png” and save the file
  11. Restart Bottles

This is how it looks in the end:

Now go and spice your library view. You can also change the icon by editing the .png in icons folder.

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