Getting Scrivener to launch past the Loading Fonts phase

I’ve been going through hoops these days — new machine (Linux Mint 21.1), loading programs I use frequently, etc. The big black hole is Scrivener, my primary authoring tool.

On both Wine and Bottles, Scrivener gets stuck in one of two places. The first is, launching hangs at Loading Fonts (noted several times in this forum). The second is, can’t connect with License Server to activate.

To solve the first, either go into the Scrivener application directory and rename the directory “texttospeech” to anything else. Or launch winecfg, choose the Libraries tab, add sapi, and edit it to read just “(native)”.

I believe either of these methods work. This won’t get you past the license server problem, but it will load and run the program under the latest soda (Wine 7) runner.

(Massive problems with Dotnet installation, which is inhibiting the license server fix — I got it to work in Wine, but not Bottles! — but that’s a separate discussion.)

Good luck to all you Scrivener users.