Game installation failed due to false insufficient space error

Fresh bottle with GOG installed on the default path plus an extra drive attached. Trying to install Cyberpunk on external drive results in an error due to “insufficient disk space” despite the drive being empty. Installing on “C” works fine however. Is there something I could’ve missed during setup?
Debian 12 with KDE if that matters.

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And you gave Bottles permission to access that external drive? (using Flatseal for example)

There was one issue in GitHub where EA app read the disk size incorrectly - [Bug]: [Flatpak] C: drive space is reported much smaller than available · Issue #1295 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub
Maybe you can find some solution there, but I’d first check if Bottles can access the external drive.

Yep directly though flatpak override before even creating the bottle. Curiously enough I tried on a different game (Baldur’s Gate 3) in the same bottle and it didn’t meet that problem, but Cyberpunk for some reason refuses even though it’s a lighter download.
The github thread didn’t help either.