Game FPS tanked after OS updates

I’m running HoloISO (SteamOS) which just went through a slightly messy update from v3.3 to v3.4 which I believe includes an updated version of the tool chain things like the Radeon Vulkan drivers are compiled against.

My system is pretty modern - AMD 5600X, AMD RX6600XT, 16Gb RAM. Bottles is installed as a Flatpak and updated to the latest version.

The game in question, Dig Dug Deeper, is running in a 32bit Bottle set to Windows98 for compatibility and using a desktop window with a resolution of 1280x960. I’m pretty sure this is a Direct-X 8 title.

Prior to the OS update everything worked perfectly. No issues at all. I’ve not made any alterations to how the Bottle is set up and runs.

Since the update the games main menu and 3D overworld both work 100% fine. Mangohud us reporting FPS in excess of 2000.

However as soon as the game starts proper the FPS tanks to just 4. I’ve tested in both Game Mode and Desktop Mode and the results are the same. Found a toggle for ‘Use Descrete Graphics Card’ which had no effect.

Can anyone suggest why this may be and what I can try to get the game functional again.

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