Flatpak, Mangohub, and config files

Ok I’m fairly new to all this so please bear with me.

I tried searching, the net in general, these forums, github, etc. with no luck.

I’m running an Arch based build, but chose to install the Flatpak version of bottles.

I wanted to make use of Mangohud which I had installed and configured for other games, but Bottles said the option wasn’t available on my system. After some research I found that if you have the flatpak version of bottles you need the flatpak version of MangoHud, cool, no big deal, install it, it runs, I open my game, and it displays fine.

However, config files, I have a .config file for mangohud, and it is stored currently in the
The flathub version of Mangohud, as being called by bottles does not seem to read/use this config file.

I’m not sure where I can place the file so that bottles/games read it properly.

Do I need to copy the config somewhere special?
Do I need to allow bottles access to something special through Flatseal?
Should I just uninstall it and use the AUR version?

Thanks in advance for any and all help

Ive been wondering this myself and just figured it out after trying things for a bit. It’s stored under


Make the MangoHud folder there and copy your config files and should be good.

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We have plans for a mangohud configurator in app per app

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Awesome to hear that :heart_eyes: