File management

I installed bottles and setup my first Windows app. Things ran well. But in that (app) program, I need to access files to and from my “Documents” folder.
If I save a file from my Windows program (inside a bottle) it can come back later to see and open it.
But - if I place some files in my Documents folder using normal the Linux Mint file manager the Windows the program in bottles cannot see them!
Ideas welcome please.

Moving to the right category.

Bottles is sandboxed by default and you need to give it permissions Expose directories - Bottles

Thank you. This is my very first exposure to Bottles.

Sorry to come back so soon. But trying to find Where/How to give these fie access permissions. Is it when I create a bottle or done at first setup?

Are you using the flatpak?

Hmm. Browsing through the app in my LM app list I found “Flatseal” Opened it up and therein found the files section where I could allow access to outside the bottle files. This is certainly one for my bench notebook.


Hi. I’m also new to Bottles. I feel like my question is similar, and maybe the answer is in the same doc Mirko Brombin linked to already. But I’m going to ask anyway just to try to make sure I’m thinking about Bottles correctly.

I successfully installed Bottles. I successfully used it to run the installer of a small Windows app. This installed the Windows app on the “c:/ drive” of my Linux system.

At this point, I’d like to run the program I’ve installed. But I need to direct Bottles to the file in its proper place. But I’m not sure where in my Linux file system Bottles placed my “c:/ drive”, so I’m not sure how to navigate to it and tell Bottles to run the proper file.

I’ll look into Flatseal and see if I can figure out if that’s the proper way to move forward. But I guess if anyone wants to tell me where to look for my “c:/ drive” in the Linux file tree, I’d appreciate it. Or tell me that I’m thinking about this wrong.

Summary: I successfully ran an executable installer program, but now I can’t figure out how to actually run the program itself.


The automated detection failed I presume? If it’s not a secret would you tell which program did you install so maybe Bottles Devs could check that installation method?

Go to your created bottle → click on utilities → Browse C:
It will open the bottle folder in your file browser and you can then check where is it located.
For example this is mine:


You don’t actually need Flatseal for that. It’s just used if you want Bottles to have access to folders other than it’s own so you don’t have to move .exe files there to run them.

Hi zakapslowany. Thank you for your reply. It is helpful for me to see the file path for the program in the “C:/ drive” on my linux system. It also looks as though it now has auto-detected the program, and I hit the ‘play’ arrow to attempt to launch it but I did not have success as yet.

Since you asked, I tried to load the program ‘blueview’ from Schlumberger. It’s a simple program so I figured it would be good to start with and explore Bottles capabilities. It’s an old program, but you’re able to find installers available online if you search for it.


I was able to run it. If you click the 3 dots menu next to play arrow and click on “launch with terminal”, does it say anything there?