Feature Request: Implementing FFXIV Launcher on Bottles

Hi, Bottles Dev,

Im from a Steam Deck community and Im researching a way to run other launchers other than Steam on the Deck. I am interested in Lutris and Bottles, as they can run all the launcher available without a problem.

I want to request a feature to support playing FFXIV using its own launcher called “FFXIV Launcher” on Bottles. This is the only feature that requires me to use Lutris, otherwise I’ll be able to use Bottles for all my other launcher. I heard good things about Bottles that made me want to use it more, but I don’t want to use both of them because I need Lutris for FFXIV.

Also, I was wondering about cloud saves using Bottles. Is it available for Epic, Ubisoft, Battle.net and GOG? Cloud save is another crucial function that I’m after, and I haven’t heard anything about it on Bottles yet. Will they work?

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