Feature Request: Easy access to terminal and debugging options

Hi all.

First off, I have to say I am extremely impressed with Bottles. I have wanted tool like this for a long time.
It makes it amazingly easy to manage and find working bottle configurations for most applications and games.

However, in the process of debugging a particularly finicky application, I have grown very frustrated with the lack of access to debug-, but mostly terminal, options.
The application is a fan made launcher app for an old game, and I am attempting to create a guide and/or an exported configuration that just works.
The application is relying on .NET, and isn’t compatible with Mono. I will probably request access to the source code to see if its something simple, despite my lack of programming knowledge.

I can get things to sort of work with normal wine through terminal, but the process is very cumbersome and unreliable, often ending in a partially broken wine bottle.

The problem I have with Bottles is if I want to interact with the application with the Bottles made config, through the terminal, I have to do the whole .desktop file thing and change launch options, which gets to be a massive frustration after the 50’th bottle.

Especially if you touch the bottle with any normal wine commands in terminal, like winedbg and winetricks, it messes with the bottle config in unpredictable ways.

Hence here is a few requests:

  1. A terminal persistence option for “Launch with Terminal”, such that if the application exits or crashes, the terminal is kept alive making it easy to follow up on stdout.
  2. A “launch with debugger attached” option. I do see there is access to the debugger, but to be able to attach the debugger from launch with a click would be amazing.
  3. Generally improved options to interact with the bottles via command-line without messing with the GUI-driven bottle configuration. Because I feel that is something that has always made it hard to work with wine in general. Depending on the runner/tool, they seem to always want to mess with the bottle-config to align it with whatever upstream the tool is made for (makes sense, but is problematic when there isn’t bespoke, comparable, tools to those bottle configs).

I know ease-of use is the prime goal of the project, so It’s not something I expect to be prioritized, but I feel it would lower the bar for entry for finding workarounds for misbehaving applications, widening the pool of people able to help grow the list of compatible windows applications.

Hi, welcome to Bottles forum.

I could swear that was already the case. Had many games crashing and remember the terminal staying. Maybe something changed after some updates. You can also run Bottles from terminal and then it will for sure keep all the info that programs output. flatpak run com.usebottles.bottles
Though I’m not sure if it is possible to interact with Bottles from CLI if you run it that way.

Generally Bottles is supposed to an GUI Wine manager where everything can be done… well, in GUI. There is CLI version, but people mostly used it to make easy “open file with X program” entries for their OS.
You can read more here if you haven’t already stumbled upon it:

I think it depends on how it crashes… Maybe… Not sure… Lutris does the same sometimes. It used to be persistent.
At least, its useless for this particular application.

Huh… Not sure how i missed this. This may be mighty useful. Thank you!

I might make a new post on the application specifically, to see if some of the Wine Wizards here can crack the code. Game preservation is worth it. :smiley: