Errors when running secondary shortcuts created from game install...?

Hi all,

I finally got Bottles up & running again (thanks to a workaround I found here…:slight_smile: ), only to find that two of my games (Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City) also put a “secondary” shortcut after installation. Presumably, the shortcut for Arkham Asylum (PhysX) is for setting up the PhysX display drivers, while the shortcut for Arkham City (bmlauncher) is what should be used to give additional execution options. Neither of these options work, and running them via the CLI yields the following errors:

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PhysX)

002c:err:wineboot:process_run_key Error running cmd L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe -a -r" (126).
Application could not be started, or no application associated with the specifi
ed file.
ShellExecuteEx failed: File not found.

Batman: Arkham City (BmLauncher)

002c:err:wineboot:process_run_key Error running cmd L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe -a -r" (126).
info: Game: BmLauncher.exe
info: DXVK: v2.3
info: Vulkan: Found vkGetInstanceProcAddr in winevulkan.dll @ 0x6fa837a0
info: Built-in extension providers:
info: Win32 WSI
info: OpenVR
info: OpenXR
info: OpenVR: could not open registry key, status 2
info: OpenVR: Failed to locate module
info: Enabled instance extensions:
info: VK_KHR_get_surface_capabilities2
info: VK_KHR_surface
info: VK_KHR_win32_surface
info: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti:
info: Driver : NVIDIA 535.129.3
info: Memory Heap[0]:
info: Size: 4096 MiB
info: Flags: 0x1
info: Memory Type[7]: Property Flags = 0x1
info: Memory Heap[1]:
info: Size: 24033 MiB
info: Flags: 0x0
info: Memory Type[0]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[1]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[2]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[3]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[4]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[5]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[6]: Property Flags = 0x0
info: Memory Type[8]: Property Flags = 0x6
info: Memory Type[9]: Property Flags = 0xe
info: Memory Heap[2]:
info: Size: 246 MiB
info: Flags: 0x1
info: Memory Type[10]: Property Flags = 0x7

My video drivers are current, and both games run (using the “main” shortcut) using the WINE runner. Has anybody else run into this, and what am I missing? Thanks!



It doesn’t really contain anything valuable. I’d guess it probably needs PhysX dependency installed, but it would be weird if you already don’t have it installed for the game since it shouldn’t run without it.

Now this is even emptier. It only gives some Vulkan info from DXVK. I’d first try running it without DXVK but your GPU should have no problems with it so if anything it may be DXVK error.

Hi again…:slight_smile:

Arkham Asylum runs fine, but if I try and specify the use of PhysX in the setup menu it tells me that my hardware does not support it (which it does - NVidia GTX1050Ti), and I have installed the PhysX dependency using the dependency manager. Digging somewhat deeper, it looks to be a simple problem where Asylum just does not recognize newer GPUs (bummer).

As for Arkham City, it runs in a windowed mode when launched from “BatmanAC” (the “primary” shortcut it created after installation), but I cannot get to the video settings (which, apparently, is what “bmlauncher” gives). This is what is making me suspect that I am missing something, but from what you are saying it is just trying to configure some Vulkan stuff. I will disable the Vulkan DXVK from the bottle settings and see what that does for me. Thanks!

EDIT: I disabled the Vulkan DXVK, and, while it still spits out the “002c:err:wineboot:process_run_key Error running cmd L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe -a -r” (126)" line in CLI, bmlauncher launches successfully in full screen mode (as opposed to the window given by BatmanAC). It also gives me the same warning when trying to turn PhysX on, so I guess I just cannot use it (no big deal). Thanks again for your help!