Error tracking with bottles: How do I tack down launch errors?

Hello everyone.

I have an older DX9 game I’m trying to get working with bottles and am having some problems with it. The game launches initially but when it comes time to engage the GPU for the 3d process, it crashes out. I’m trying to determine what the best method would be using bottles to activate some kind of error/log tracking that will let me review and see exactly what error is causing the crash so I can attempt to address. Does anyone know of an easy way to track errors in bottles that will produce a log like this?

There’s generally 2 options:

  1. run the game inside Bottles with “launch with terminal button” that is in options next to play button in programs list. (or with checkbox during next to “run executable” button)
  2. through the OS terminal with bottles-cli:
    CLI - Bottles
    Logs & Debugger - Bottles

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