Epic Games Store doesn't work

I’ve installed Bottles on my notebook with a Intel HD 5000 graphics adapter. Then I’ve installed the Epic Games Store via the integrated installer. It wouldn’t start though and gave me this error:

Screenshot from 2023-09-17 16-40-20

Found this thread, which advised to disable DXVK:

This enabled the Epic Games Store to start. However, I can’t enter any text in the email address sign in field and thus being unable to access my account.

  1. Why is DXVK enabled in the configuration for Epic Games if it doesn’t work?

  2. How to enter my email address to sign in to my Epic Games account?

Because DXVK gives way better performance results than just Wine.
But it requires your GPU to support Vulkan graphics.

That’s actually a problem and you could try different runners to see if one of them displays the login window. Try Kron4ek or Caffe