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Hello, I’m trying to enable gamescope for my Games bottle because my mouse cursor disapear when focusing on a game (DCS World) but the option seems to be grayed out. When hovering over the button, it say that this functionality is not available on your system.

I have installed gamescope
I’m running an updated version of the app
My runner is GE-Proton7-13
OS : Arch Linux
Kernel : 5.17.1-arch1-1

This happen when Bottles is unable to find the gamescope command

How to fix that?

I’ve installed gamescope too on my pc, but Bottles(flatpak) can’t use it.
It’s because flatpak?

Sorry if I assumed wrong, but did you install gamescope from your system packages or the flatpak version?

I installed gamescope from system packages
And bottles from Flatpak

Yeah, You need to download gamescope from flatpak.
This should work in your console (for some reason Mint software manager doesn’t see it so I have to do it in cmd):
flatpak install gamescope

But this is as far as I can help you with it since I don’t use gamescope and I only know this from this issue at github:
[Request]: Tell the user to install optional components through flatpak · Issue #2008 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub

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Same as Mangohud, install as flatpak

That’s basically what I said already? Or do you need mangohud for gamescope to work?

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