EA app refuses to install games, installation error

First, thank you for creating bottles. I was finally able to get Genshin Impact working via the Epic games store.

I also want to use my EA account so I installed the EA app and I was able to log into my account. I downloaded BF3 and Need for Speed but both refuse to install. It looks as if the download is being verified then installation error occurs under wrapping up.

I am new to bottles so sorry for newb question.

EA launchers are known to be tricky and break all the time. The only thing I think makes sense is to wait for some updated runner where they fixed it.

You can try kron4ek-wine-8.6 since it’s the newest available Wine.

I am even more confused now. I was able to install Medal of Honor, it works but BF3 and Need for Speed have the same install error. I noticed on BF3, punk buster was setting up right before the install crashed. I installed pb manually but I cannot select a game since the EA app wont install BF3.

All three games “are” installed to the same folder. I am confused.