Disable one of my controllers so that the game will not know of it's existance

Hello so i have 2 controllers connected to my PC and i use them for different purposes but the game i am trying to play with one of them acts weird when it notices the second controller and i don’t want that to happen anymore .

Is there any way to make the game not see one of the controllers at all ?

What i’ve tried so far:

  • Disabling it in the wine controll pannel (this thing worked just one time but the game seems to ignore that config entirely somehow it can read the controller just fine even if it is disable and when i go into the testing tab i get no input inside the controll pannel but inside the game the input stream works just fine)
  • disabiling the libraries that add support to the controller (this one breaks the game because it requires DLL’s from those libraries dinput8)
  • capturing the event stream - (this one stops the events from reaching the game but then i just have a controller that does not work inside the game)

Any help would be great!