DirectPlay, What Next?

I just received an email that the requested dependency #53 for DirectPlay has been solved and closed. Previously, I had made a similar dependency request #54 which was closed in favor of Requested Dependency #53.

Since DirectPlay may now be working, I have follow-up questions.

  1. How long before a “fix” is incorporated into Bottles?
  2. Does Bottles automatically update itself? Does the user have to manually update? If so, how?
  3. When should I try to use Bottles to verify that Direct Play now works?
  4. If it does not work, what should I do next?

Hi, welcome to the forums.

If you’re talking about normal fixes then it’s during the update release day and the closest one is in 2-3 days (14th). New updates are released on 14th and 28th of every month (usually)

Depending what was your installation method it may be updated automatically, but Bottles can’t update itself on its own.
If you chose flatpak then fire up the terminal and type flatpak update (notice: it will update all flatpaks that you have installed)

directplay is already there.

If you know that it works normally in Wine or Proton then it may be the fault of Bottles and in that case report it on github. If you don’t know if it works anywhere else then post it here and we’ll see.

Thanks for responding. At this time, I will only be responding to the flatpak aspect, which is item #2 on my list. I am using Mint 20.3 and installed Bottles through flatpak. Turns out that you have to add a repository to update flatpak. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexlarsson/flatpak. I used Mint’s update feature after adding the PPA. Worked well. I was unaware that flatpaks had to be independently updated. Thank-you for informing me of that.

Based on your response below. I will assume that the DirectPlay fix will be available on or soon after June 14th. So, I will wait till then to verify that the DirectPlay fix has been installed.

Currently I have some civil war (Windows) games on my Linux computers. They offer network play, but the network play feature does not work, hence my interest getting DirectPlay to work. Other than that, Bottles has worked flawlessly with the games in single user mode. Thank you very much for responding.

Windows dependencies doesn’t follow Bottles updates. DirectPlay is already available in Bottles, just look in the dependencies tab.

You absolutely do not need any repo to update flatpaks. It’s just to update flatpak itself it seems. I daily drive Mint for 1.5 years, 0.5 of which are only on flatpaks and there are no problems so I’m staying with flatpaks.

There is an option in Mint updater to automatically update flatpaks, but I’d recommend just doing it manually from time to time. Maybe in the future they will add flatpaks to the updater.

I wrote in my first post that directplay is already available. As said above me, dependencies aren’t following the program updates.

Clearly, I am “lost”. What do the messages below tell you?
Is the screenshot ending in “00” the Crash Report, or is the Crash Report something else?

Currently, this is beyond the immediate concern at hand, but this is the error message I get when I attempt to implement “host” mode (server) for my game. Nevertheless, it may be informative.
Screenshot from 2022-06-13 08-49-09

Today, this article appeared. How to Install & Use Bottles to Run Windows Apps on Linux. Currently reviewing it. It affirms what you have stated. Seems that I was looking at "old solutions" that may no longer be relevant.

Progress. Bottles updated. I now have: 2022.6.14-brescia. DirectPlay has now been successfully installed. So one issue has been resolved. However, I still get the error message: “Error establishing system as host”. Any other dependency that I should be looking at? Other advice?

It’s been a month since my last post. Currently up to bottles version 2022.6.28-brescia. Still get the error message below.
Any advice before I attempt to re-activate: [Request dependency] #54?

After poking around some, ran across this error message. Any insights?

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