Dark Mode in flatpak?

Does anyone know how to force Bottles to be in dark mode? After the newest update it’s only light mode:

and forcing it with environment variable GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark makes it broken like this:

There should be a flag in dconf

It would be nice if the dark mode options were to return it would make things easier for newer users since most of use.bottles is much easier than most front-ends. But this one thing is not easy to change. Especially since most distros are different enough for somethings to not work. I’m on Linux Mint 21 and have been using bottles on LM 20 and dark mode is off in bottles with a dark theme for everything.

I have tried dconfig and it has no respect for your suggestion. The over ride didn’t work. I have Linux Mint on two computers and both of them have had no success with bottles being in dark mode along with the system.

The problem is Bottles uses way too new dependencies (at one point using alpha version that wasn’t even available in Arch) and the Mint is generally outdated (speaking of packages and the kernel). It would be best to find a middle ground there, but it’s not possible since devs have different approaches.

You can try this:

Open the terminal, write
flatpak run --command=bash com.usebottles.bottles
Press enter, then write
gsettings set com.usebottles.bottles dark-theme true
And finally
And press enter one last time.
Restart Bottles, enjoy dark mode.
[Request]: Dark/Light mode select in settings on unsupported systems · Issue #1758 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub

Honestly it would be the best if there was just a setting to switch between dark/light and auto modes in options, but this is the opinion of main dev on that matter:

I personally find that replicating this setting for each app is a waste of space and time. We follow the standard and the distribution / DE should do the same

Oh my God!!! That worked perfectly. This should be stickied or placed in the guide so that newer users of linux like Steam Deck users that want to use things outside of Steam can easily fix this themselves. I respect the devs this app is a life saver.

And thanks.