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Hey, love bottles, recently i got Affinity Photo to run, which is just amazing.

Also, installing Affinity Photo introduced me to custom recipes ( yml files ), which is also an awesome feature.
I currently try to install other programs ( Just for the sake of trying ) and got curious if there is some central place for the community to share their recipes.
Unfortunately i couldn’t find one, but i might be missing something, so my question would be if there is one, or two?

I know about the Import feature, for instance for Lutris scripts, but i actually mean a place for bottles.

There is also the AppStore, but a place to share and discuss would be the question.

Well you can share recipes here.

That is actually community run and you can submit new installers on Github. Also it would be good to create affinity installer there so new users could just create a bottle and install it using the Installers tab inside Bottles, but I don’t know if it would be possible since you need to download the exe using your Affinity account.

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Yep, plus there is the “Applications” categorie, which was exactly the place i was looking for. ( Totally overlooked it )

Interesting enough, someone already posted a recipe for Affinity here in the forums, but i second this,
maybe asking in the Affinitiy forums gives us some clarification on that.

Thanks for answering, by the way. :slight_smile:

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