Creatures 1 installs but does not launch

I’m hoping to get Creatures 1 (via the GOG Albian Years bundle) but after successfully running the installer, clicking the Creatures Launcher in the programs list doesn’t do anything. Same if I browse to it using the legacy file explorer and find the exe file. Is there a way to at least get a log of what happened when it tried to launch? Any ideas for getting it to work? (I’ve successfully installed it on Win10, so I know it does work on Windows proper.) Thanks in advance!

Ah, used “launch with terminal” and got errors about being unable to import dlls, and missing mfc40.dll (which does exist in C:\windows\system32)

Oh, and I’m using version 2022.6.28-brescia.

Fixed! Kinda. I found MFC40 in Dependencies. I also installed VBRun6 and VCRedist2015. I’m still getting a few error dialogs that just say “no error message available,” and the applets open but don’t full load - showing that error dialog instead.

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