Creating a Bottle with Non Installing Games

I am making a bottle with games that you just drag into the folder structure and launch an exe. The issue I am having is that since, there was no installation, the button to put a shortcut on the desktop does not work. How do I create a shortcut so this button works?

Do you mean “add desktop entry” button in programs list?
If so, then just add the needed .exe manually in programs tab using the plus icon.

If you already did that and it doesn’t work for programs that weren’t auto detected then it seems like a bug.

Correct. I am talking about the add desktop entry button. I added the .exe programs directly so it is possible for me to have the play and stop button for the program in the Bottles interface. The problem is that I can’t add this shortcut to the desktop.

I would also like to be able to make a custom icon whenever I click to add a desktop entry so that anyone that downloads the bottle will also have their shortcuts with that picture as well.

Ok, I just confirmed it myself and it works both on automatically detected an manually added games. You need to however override flatpak like here: Programs - Bottles
But I suppose you already did that.

What happens when you click this button? I am on Cinnamon so it goes to my start menu in the “other” category. I can then add it to my desktop and place it wherever I want.

This might be something to make a github issue for, because I can change the icon in library view and even on my desktop, but my Cinnamon start menu stays with the original game icon.

I’m not sure you can download someone’s bottle like that.

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