Crash when run same programs with proton

Hi, i have interesting issue, when run bottle on Proton and i trying change desktop or intent to menu, program close. With another runners all fine, but i want run EGS and on Proton. May be who know what is it?
My system Manjaro Gnome 42.1.

Dont know about, but if EGS means Epic Game Store, then you could maybe try running the windows version of Heroic Launcher Heroic Games Launcher and see if that runs on proton. I use the Linux version to run a couple of games

I don’t think so. Heroic not run game from Epic, Bottels run fine and work with any runners stable but not with proton. Want run with proton.

Can you tell us what game are you trying to run and what graphics card do you have (model)?

Run anything. Epic, Battel.Net. Intel® UHD Graphics 620