Could not find version 7.15 of the MCR

I am trying to install an older .exe file to run some hardware for data reading and writing. I can create the bottle with not issue, it’s when I try to add the executable is when I get the error. I have attached a screenshot of what I am seeing. It says the following:

“Could not find version 7.15 of the MCR. Attempting to load mclmcrrt7_15.dll. Please install the correct version of the MCR. Contact vendor if you do not have an installer for the MCR.”

I am guessing it is because of my installer, it is old software that is not maintained any more and I don’t know of anywhere else I could get a newer version. Does it have to do with the .dll file trying to copy to the wrong place in the file structure or am I completely off base?

I have tried creating the bottle in both the custom and application setting. I also tried it as a Windows 10 and Windows 7 emulation, with no positive results. Do I need to install a dependency or is it something else?