Could be possible a web or DDBB like protonDB?

Sorry, maybe this post is a bit offtopic but, is a web or DDBB like protondb a weird propose to have our games templates or application configurations organized?

Something like ProtonDB by which you mean some place where we can see which games/programs work and how well?

There was such an issue on Bottles Github, I even vaguely remember reading the dev tweet about his own mini list of programs.

This is the issue that I mentioned:
[Request]: Bottles software compatibility DB · Issue #1201 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub
However there wasn’t any activity since March.

Yes, something like that. I think is better to propose an idea like that in a forum instead of a github support system because is not a bottles issue. Actually is a different application.

I know that the developer is busy with bottles but maybe someone wants to collaborate whit him doing something like this.

We know different methods to run windows applications using wine and they have different webpages or support ddbb as protonDb or winehq, even heroic-games-launcher links us with protondb. But bottles bring us an easy way to use a lot of wine’s builds what sometimes looks complex.

Maybe the concept is near to winehq, an updated version based on bottles. Or maybe a scripts/recipes system as lutris does

EDIT: ok wait, I saw the recipe system. Then, do we need only someplace to share these recipes and notes?

Actually devs don’t visit forums too often. Bottles GitHub is much more active.

Issue doesn’t always mean it’s a bug. There are multiple feature requests in there. It doesn’t have to be different application. It could be included inside Bottles just like installers and dependencies are. We don’t know how the Bottles DB will look like yet.

Developer is busy with Bottles, Atom and Vanilla OS. Kinda too much if you ask me, but Bottles is still working good in most cases (there are some unsolved bugs after few updates, but you can ignore some of them)

I’d prefer not. Whole charm of Bottles is that you just copy whatever installer you have and generally it works without tweaking anything.

This idea also was already thought about:
Custom Recipes Hub

The safest bet right now is to reply in the GitHub issue that I mentioned and wait for the devs reply to see if there was any progress with the DB that they worked on:

Despite there is no issue for this, we are already working on such db. I’ll keep this open just for reference.

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