Cannot go past welcome screen in Ib

The game i want to run is called Ib, it’s a very old game made in EasyRPG. When i extract the .zip file i have 3 files. The “Data” folder, StartFullScreen.exe and StartWindowed.exe. Whenever i try to run StartWIndowed.exe on my pc, everything but the cursor is frozen, then i have to wait a while for it to get unstuck. This is the screen i get:

I see a weird screen that says “Not implemented”. Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?

It works fine for me.

So few questions:
What distro do you use?
What Bottles version have you installed? For example flatpak 2022.9.28.1 is the newest.
What runner do you use? Caffe, Soda, Proton, Wine.
Where did you extract game files?

I fixed it. The thing is that i use Garuda Linux and they have a GUI for downloading emulators and other gaming tools and i downloaded bottles from the “chaotic-aur” in Garuda without even noticing. Just downloaded bottles with flatpak and Ib works flawlesly.

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