Canary Mail, Java based application intallation help

Greetings, I am fairly new to Bottles and the whole Wine thing.

I used Lutris in the past, and of course steam.
But Lutris is very gaming focused and I hoped that with Bottles I find a community that wants to get more then gaming to work.

So issue is with an email application called Canary, which I really like, and would love to use on Linux.

I reached out to the developers and found out that it is an Java based application and that it requires the: dwmapi.dll and user32.dll.

I was able to install the application, but then I could not run it. I tried adding the .dll’s and found the dwmapi, but cant figure out what to do with the user32. Nor do I know how to further trouble shoot or go about trying to get it running.

I am thankful for all advice!