Broke my bottles with tinkering

Sadly i broke my bottles app and couldn’t find out what happend.

First I run into a known problem with recognize an usb device correctly. I can access the device as a storage but anything else doesn’t work.

So i tried several other “wine” programs, like crossover (codeweavers), playonlinux, winehq, wine, …

Nothing worked so i give up and deinstalled all the other apps again. I installed bottles as a flatpak on my linux mint so i thought, deleting the other wine apps wouldn’t affect the bottles app.

Today I tried to install a new program and everytime the installer want to install the microsoft visual C++ 2022 package an error poped up, that the installation couldn’t be completed and the whole installation failed.
First i thought the app doesn’t work with wine/linux so I started the older version that was actually installed with bottles and worked in the past but now i couldn’t start it anymore. So i deinstalled the app, bottles and deleted the config files for bottles, installed bottles new and tried to install the old version of the program. But now i receive a similar error with C++ 2015-2019 package. Even if i install it as a dependency the install couldn’t be finished.

I installed wine and the playonlinux frontend new and tried it again. This time i can install the programm on wine but not anymore on bottles.

So yes, long story short, i broke bottles and now i couldn’t figure it out, what went wrong.

I deleted files and folder from “winegui” at .local/share/ and ~/.config/, could that be a problem? But than a new bottles installation should replace or create new folders and files.