Bottles without flatpack?

Hello. Are there any way to use Bottles without installing flatpak? I remember, last time I was using flatpak all apps was very, very huge…

Is there any deb package or preferably Appimage or even snap (I’m using Lubuntu on 128GB SSD, dualboot with Win7 so I must care about disk space)

For example I found: (from official appimage site, but no download) (I don’t know, is it trusted, I’m afraid of viruses)
There were snap package, see on Wayback Machine:
But now it is unavailable.


Hello, welcome to the Bottles forum.

Currently there aren’t any such ways. There is AUR version and Fedora repo version, but they are not official and are known to have problems that flatpak doesn’t. There were plans to package it as appimage but they stopped.

Flatpak sizes are unfortunate so I also hope we can get a .deb or appimage, but for now flatpak ain’t bad. It even has included benefit of sandboxing the apps so something for something.

Small update for the fedora version: Suggestion: Request a takedown for unofficial outdated packages · Issue #2345 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub

Ok. I installed Flatpak version.

First problem:
No Windows program runs, when run exe from Windows partition.

I installed Flatseal to manage flatpak permissions. Add games path under “Filesystem”

I tested some games, and it’s working :cowboy_hat_face:
Without any problems!

Btw. before I was trying update to Win10 but some of my favourite games wasn’t working good ( DirectX9 was installed), so downgrade to Win7 and now I can play them also with Bottles on Linux

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