Bottles start up can take up to an hour on Steam Deck


Like many, I’m a new steam deck user and a new Bottles user. I am noticing very slow load times when initially starting up the app— sometimes stuck on the “starting up…” screen for over an hour. Suspiciously, I can see the app takes 10-20 minutes to download 20kb packages. I tried running in Terminal to catch any output logs, (unfortunately there isn’t a “—debug” option). I did however notice this:

GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying

Other than this, the logs seem pretty normal when starting up. Once I load into the application, load times are acceptable. But I can’t figure out how to fix this slow start up. Is this normal?

Seconded this problem.

I’m on Fedora 36 running on a regular computer, i5-8365, 32GB and it can take 30-45 minutes on the “Starting up…” screen.

I can see it slowly updating…
“Fetched 2 of 3 packages”
“Downloading ~20kb of packages…”
Might as well be 20GB of packages… Although it’s not saturating my network.

Is there a log?

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