Bottles Proton Manager Not finding all prefixes

Hi, so I’m trying the Steam Proton Prefixes feature and it seems to find some of the prefixes but not all of the prefixes even though they are all installed in the same location (which one that isn’t showing is the one I need right now). Is there a way to specify the prefix. Either that is the issue or the search isn’t working and it doesn’t show all the prefixes at once.

I’m also noticing this.

I’d like to use Bottles to mess with my Phantasy Star 2 Online wineprefix, but it doesn’t show up.

Edit: On Steam Deck, path /home/deck/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1056640/ isn’t showing up (PSO2), but other prefixes in that compatdata path are.

Edit: The issue might be related to having two libraries.

Edit: [Bug]: Bottles Proton Manager Not finding all prefixes · Issue #1895 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub

Yeah that Github is from me, I thought it may be better to post it there since it is more likely a bug that will be seen there. But I’m not sure, I do have two libraries but the game I’m trying to play is Nier which is on my main library where other games are being found.
However, what is weirder is that I installed a game after Nier and that was found.

It sort of seems that if I have a game on /primary/path/to/library/steamapps/common that it will only show up in Bottles if it also has the compatdata dir for the game on that same steamapps path.

If I have a game on /secondary/path/to/library/steamapps/common it won’t show up unless there is a compatdata dir for the game on that secondary steamapps/compatdata path.

However, my device (Steam Deck) doesn’t seem to ever use that secondary compatdata path.

The thing was, the compatdata folder for Nier was in the same steam installation folder, however, reinstalling it worked. Are you using Steam Tinker Tweaks by any chance? (PSO2 will definitely not be a fun thing to reinstall)

I’m not using Steam Tinker Tweaks.

Is it this thing by frostworx?

I’m mostly hoping for a fix to Bottles so linux novices can more easily mess with their wineprefixes on their Steam Decks :smiley:

Yeah, thats it. I think my issue was that I accidentally launched the game with steam tinker launch first. But I’m not really sure.

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