Bottles not working after OS rebuild, and "Supported" Executables...?

Hi all,

I just did a clean rebuild of my OS (Ubuntu 20.04) due to a kernel update error. Prior to the rebuild, Bottles had been running fine, and I had been installing games by copying all installation files into the bottle. Then I would simply start Bottles, select “Run Executable”, surf to the bottle, and it would just see the executable. Now, it does not see any executable unless I change the filter to “All Files” (as opposed to “Supported Executables”), and although it will complete the installation that way, it will not launch. I get no errors, it just does nothing. Please help! Thanks…:slight_smile:

EDIT: The new kernel is 5.15.0-91, and the NVidia drivers are updated to version 535.129.03

Sadly I’m in the same boat.

I doubt if we’re alone.

I was able to install a cctv programme reolink_client_885.exe Reolink no problem.

Tried to install poolians.exe Poolians no chance.

Very strange.

Hi, welcome to Bottles forum.

Try running the program/game from terminal. You can either do it from programs list or start Bottles from terminal and it should then display everything possible info there.