Bottles is awesome! And a couple of quirky apps

I wish to address this comment to the creators, developers and contributors of Bottles.
Guys, thank you so much for a great job! Bottles is an awesome idea that is being beautifully implemented.

I recently purchased a new Kubuntu Focus laptop (another fantastic product) and was glad to find that their post-sales and tech support are very easy to reach, efficient, and genuinely interested in improving their company and its (already great) products. They have a long list of “curated apps” that either come pre-installed on their computers or have had the installation process “curated” by them, so they’re always a one-click install and run perfectly.

I talked to them about Bottles and they said they will seriously consider including it in their curated apps list.

I also want to share my experience using Bottles with two particularly quirky Windows programs.
The first is Office 2007 (which I have to use), especially Word. I put in several hours figuring out a workaround to the limitation with the MIME association. I eventually got it to work, but it’s only a stopgap measure. I can click on a docx file in Kubuntu and it will correctly open Word and the file. But then I have two problems:

(a) if I open another file, instead of getting two versions of Word running side by side, the first one crashes and the Bottle closes (“breaks”?); and

(b) This is probably a Wine problem, but it’s not limited to my Office 2007 bottle – it’s true for every bottle I create. The File dialog (open file, save file) is severely limited in every Windows version except XP. I mean, limited to the point where it’s really annoying to navigate to other folders and get to where I need to be. I’ve been using Windows version set to XP, though, without any major issues.

The second app is my banking app, from Banco Itaú – this is the largest private bank in Brazil; they have an OK phone app, but their desktop app is horrible: it’s badly conceived, designed, and implemented. But millions of people here are stuck with it. Anyway, I managed to get it running in a Bottle, with one severe limitation: when the app needs to save a file (say, to export a statement or a transaction receipt as PDF, XLS, TXT or any other format), the File Save dialog opens up, I can pick the directory to save the file (I can even “create folder”) but when I click on “Save” the dialog just goes away and the file is never saved.

Now, I realize that this probably because of something stupid their program is doing when saving the file, but they won’t even talk to me about it, because they don’t support Linux. And the fact remains that, in a Mac or in Windows, the file save function works fine. I have played around with every Bottles and Wine setting I could find, but no success.

Anyway, thanks again, Bottles is awesome and you guys are doing a great job!


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