Bottles interference with previously set up "plain" WINE-run WIN apps?

I am running Ubuntu 22.04. I have previously installed WINE, and I have a number of WIN apps running without issue via it’s use.

Bottles looks like a big step up from the plain vanilla WINE environment. However, I’m concerned about what if any negative effect(s) I may experience with already-set up WINE-run WIN apps should I install Bottles.

If it’s a factor, I am not interested in gaming. Essentially all the WIN programs I use are relatively simple engineering oriented apps.

Will these previously set up apps be ignored by Bottles? Automatically “assimilated” into it’s environment? Other?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hi! I also was on WINE to run older 32-bit Win programs. Then I found BOTTLES and so far it works great to run 64-bit Win software without any problems. No interference with the old WINE that’s still on the system. The best way is to try and find out I think. Have FUN!!

Thanks! That’s exactly the info I was looking for.

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You’re welcome!! I don’t know if you need access to DVD or USB, other drives whatever, FLATSEAL is a program that can help to give you access to all that you need.

Generally, most of what I do is either computational, or writing/compiling/assembling/uploading code to PIC chips using WIN software that I like better than what’s available to run native on Linux.

But, again, thanks for the tip. Especially regarding USB, that might well come in handy.

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