Audio latency and ASIO (+ FL Studio)

Hi there good fellows,

I use Bottles to install and run FL Studio. For now it works great, stable and with no great issues.

However, I’m trying to cut down on latency so that I can have better performance while recording. FL Studio has its own FL Studio ASIO driver built in, and with it I can get decent latencies (e.g. 22-90 ms), but this is still far from what I used to get under Windows with the same processing workload inside the program.

Thus I’m wondering if there’s any way to utilise ASIO ‘drivers’/something inside the Bottle, or generally for/in Bottles?

(FL Studio also installs this external ASIO4All driver, but sadly it doesn’t work, most probably because it was designed to directly grab the Windows audio stream.)

Anyway, is there something like WineASIO (GitHub - wineasio/wineasio: ASIO to JACK driver for WINE) for Bottles? Or is there a way to set PulseAudio’s latency to even lower value than 60 ms? Anything else I’m not even aware of?

I’m a newbie, so please be kind :smiley:


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I’d also love to know how to install WIneASIO in bottles, ive tried multiple methods but it would be good to have it covered in the docs or be built in

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Me, too. I use ableton, and I would like to have ASIO as well.