Applications have messed-up and not rendered text in menus and icons are not rendered propertly

Hi friends, ive installed Bottles on Ubuntu 23.10, and after installing a couple of aplications i have problem rendering the apps propertly, icons are not rendered fully also menu texts are either not rendered at all or vanish when mouse goes over. Example of this behavior is in attached image. Can someone help me with this? I tested GDI, GL and Vulkan rendering, in all cases its the same behavior.

Hi, welcome to the Bottles forum.

It may just be the case of Wine not supporting some windows methods. I saw this black window many times already. You can try changing a runner to another that is updated faster - like Kron4ek, but it may also have this error.

On other Fedora machine it runs OK, on MX Linux also, ive used this program on Wine since 2015 on Ubuntu, and it also run good… (machine HW was on all the same)