Application installs but doesn't run

I’ve just recently installed Bottles and so far I love what the developers are doing. I’m trying to install the Roon desktop client (software that acts as a front end for Tidal and Qobuz) and it installs successfully. However, when I try and run the app from Bottles, it doesn’t run (sometimes the screen will blink black). When I run it from the terminal: wine /path/to/roon.exe it works. Am I missing anything? For the bottle, I installed the dotnet framework and disabled anything to do with gaming (I ran both with and without). I’ve tried to run in terminal, but that also blinks black. I’ve tried other versions of Cafe, Lutris and Proton with no success.

I have the same dependencies installed on Bottles and Winetricks.

My system wine version is 7.6 and I’m running on Arch Linux.

Hi, try using a custom environment if not already.