Amazon Music client and HQ Audio

i’ve setup Amazon Music to run on Bottles (flatpak official version), everything looks ok. The only problem is that the underlying wine engine exposes audio device capable of only 24 bit/48000 bitrate. Amazon Music running on real Windows 10 partition shows a device capable of 24 bit/192000, for the same exact played track.

Audio device is pipewire-based, configured to permit also 96000 and 192000 bitrate (native Linux audio applications show and use the correct capabilities).

Are there some registry keys to insert in bottle in order to correct the setup ? I’ve searched on Google, but results refer to 2011 wine version and are not valid anymore, they are not working.

Some info on my system:

  • Manjaro Linux, fully updated, kernel 6.1.1
  • Sound Blaster Z (internal card)
  • Audio subsystem: pipewire 0.3.63, configured to permit 96000/192000 bitrates (Linux apps like Audacity runs ok also with higher bitrates)
  • runner: Soda 7.0-8
  • Emulated Windows version: 10
  • directmusic dependency installed

Many thanks for any help.


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