Alphabetical order

How do I set bottles to alphabetical order?

That’s not exactly possible right now.

[Request] Re-order/sort Bottles on main screen · Issue #753 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub
[Request]: Option to sort library · Issue #2822 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub

I mean through terminal or even flatseal. I know its probably not a planned feature its just something that bugged me about the bottles not being abecedarian.

Terminal version of Bottles doesn’t offer more features despite some advanced cli to make program shortcuts
And flatseal is just for flatpak permissions. It won’t add any functionality to other programs.

You can follow the 2nd link I posted and read through because there is one post where it shows how bottles are stored. You can try tinkering with it, but right now sorting bottles isn’t supported.