Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Hi All. I have installed Bottles through Flatpak and using Flatseal have given the proper permission. I downloaded what I presume is the Acrobat Reader DC offline installer from here.

The installation seems to go through fine, till it errors out at the end with the following error:

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

Launch again in a terminal (look in the Run executable context menu for this option) and drop here the log please

I observe exactly the same problem. There is no obvious way to copy the contents of the terminal in order to put it here. I’ll browse these forums to see if I can figure out that simple(?) operation.

Screenshot of the entire terminal output.

Yes currently EasyTerm doesn’t support copy&paste, I’ll implement soon.

I have the same issue. I need Adobe Acrobat because the state I reside in uses it for tax submission. Would be a “nice to have” in order to be able to do it on my personal PC instead of relying on a work Windows PC. Would be better if the state allowed an open source program to begin with! :slight_smile:

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