Add the shortcut of game to Steam library

After do this Can't enable Steam Proton manager - Bottles ,i cannot launch the game at gaming mode.
At steam’s library , the game will not open.

Any missing settings …?

The game works fine in Bottles’s library but the game dun sometimes recognise the gamepad. At the first beginning , i manually change the control to gamepad. It dun work.Later it works.I dun how it happened

In steam library,the game auto can be controlled by a steamdeck’s gamepad.

I noticed the properties of the game at Steam’s library.
Target : xdg - open

Do I need to complete the commands after “xdg - open” ?

Please help.

Now I know.To use the gamepad in Desktop mode, don’t activate any activites / app …the games are controlled by gamepad

But in steam library, Do I need to complete the commands after “xdg - open” ?

Updated : The game in desktop mode is still random detected either keyboard+mouse or gamepad.

Please help …