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Can i report Bugs or ask for new features?

No at all. This is a discussion only forum, this mean that you can talk about a bug or a new feature but cannot report it here (developers may ignore it and not give you support). Report bugs only in our GitHub repository making sure that no one has already opened the same report.

Is your question already answered?

Before asking, make sure someone hasn’t already answered the same question. Use the search field above to search for similar questions. Also check if our documentation already cover that argument.

Can I speak my language?

Please try to write in English as much as possible. Our community is made up of people from all over the world and if everyone spoke their language it would be a problem.

Don’t apologize for your poor skills, we will understand. Use a translator where possible or if you really can’t you can speak your language and a moderator will try to meet you anyway (but it will not be guaranteed).

When will the new release be released?

We release 2 main version every 14th and 28th of month. So do not ask for this, just pin in your calendar and wait :grinning: .

Why Bottles?

Read here: Why Bottles? - Bottles

Where is Winetricks?

Read here: Where is Winetricks? - Bottles

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