A few questions

Been using Bottles now and everything works so far. However can someone explain to me what’s the recommended way of uninstalling Games/Apps within a bottle?
Another Question i have is related to Dependencies. I have installed Vredist Dependency. And it seems like after installing it it’s gone from the dependency-list and therefore can’t be uninstalled nor reinstalled. Is that a bug?

And where do i activate Steam-Runtime for using Proton-GE (it’s not under dependencies as far as i can tell)

Ideally they should uninstall just like on Windows when you click “Uninstall” in program/game options next to the “play” button.
If it was added manually to the list just click “Remove from list” and delete the files manually.

When you install some dependency it goes to the bottom of the list so you can easier see all installed dependencies. There’s the option to reinstall or uninstall if you want.

I don’t remember if it’s still needed. I only found this in documentation:
Can't enable Steam Proton manager - Bottles
Generally the best runners that I use myself are Caffee and Kron4ek. Recommend checking it out first.

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thank you, great explanation :slight_smile:

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